Making A Career Out of Freelance Writing

Posted by 9 May, 2010

Maybe you liked keeping a journal from since you were young. Or English was one of your favorite subjects even if it wasn’t your major. Perhaps you’re an avid blogger and possess a natural flair for the written word. It could be, that you actually majored in Writing at the university.

Making a Career in Freelance Writing

Whatever your background and training in writing is, freelance writing is one way you can earn an extra buck while having fun on the job. Writing is always an interesting occupation, and usually an enlightening one.

The first step is to examine anything you’ve ever written like school papers, journal entries, or your blog and look for pieces that could serve as writing samples. Choose the ones that particularly please you. You can also have another person, a friend, a colleague or a teacher, look over your work and give you their honest opinion about your writing.

Next is to find the venue for your freelance writing. It’s good to start small and grow from there. Look at your university circular, your local paper, even newsletters from organizations you belong to, even your church. Look for opportunities to write about any topic to broaden your interests and develop your writing technique.

Another area worth exploring is the Internet. There are countless writing jobs available online, like blog articles, copywriting, proofreading, rewrites, SEO writing and travel writing. Online writing is a good way to hone your writing skills and build your writer’s profile.

Don’t forget to join any writing competitions, whether big or small. Watch out for calls for contributors in publications and submit pieces as much as you can. Build your publishing profile so that you can develop the confidence to go for the bigger media names as you grow into your writing style.

As you try to make it in the freelance writing world, always keep your work ethic intact. Be professional with any job, big or small. Always have integrity in your content and be a stickler for grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure. Meet your deadlines and never overload yourself with work. As a freelancer writer, you have the opportunity to be able to work for different publications and websites, and you will want to have a reputation for someone who is reliable and disciplined.

Freelance writing has many possibilities, whether as a part-time or full-time career. It is a growth experience, allowing you to share your skill and talent with others while growing as a person yourself.

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